Saturday, 13 March 2010

lo que soy

hello blogging universe.

i did this before. i failed. but my friends are all doing it so maybe that'll give me some sort of incentive to actually write. not that i'd have anything very interesting to say but hey, i'm going to give it a go. i'll try and be positive about it, even though saying i'm positive would be like saying the pope is gay. anyway, i'm holly and i'm from england in case someone does follow this, and if you do, i'd advise you not to.

i guess i'll be using this mainly to vent in a pathetically teenage way but life is pretty stressful right now so i guess i feel like i'm justified. i've got gcse's coming up and the usual friends/boyfriend/money/social life issues like any other person. i'm so ordinary. nothing i write will ever be interesting, nothing that hasn't been said, done or thought a million times before.

i'm at home right now, after spending the afternoon with my boyfriend. feeling a bit bummed out at being home, it was the first time i got to see him in two weeks and i always hate going again because we don't see each other very often. i miss my best friend too. we haven't properly seen each other in about a month and i'm worried we're slowly drifting apart and it won't be the same between us anymore. she's seriously the only person i truly trust despite everything we've been through. she's the only one (except will) i feel really comfortable to be 'me' around. gonna go chat with her in a bit and will hopefully see her next weekend, so everything will be alright i'm sure.

i've just completed all my art coursework and i'm going to have a lazy weekend despite having about a million things to do. i had less than 6 hours sleep a night for the last week so i'm going to go to bed before midnight! shocking! i need to tidy my room epically though, so i can then finally get it decorated. i will get it done this time, but every other time it's been tidy enough and i've gotten rid of all my old junk it gets put off and i let my room turn back into a complete mess. i am so disorganised, so i'm hoping a good clear out will help me get ready for my exams. i'm gonna go set up a play list on my itunes and sync it to me ipod and blast it out of my cheap and cheery pink flower speakers that i got for my birthday. current tunes i feel like listening to:

kicks or consumption - dirty pretty things
camera talk - local natives
i am not a robot - marina and the diamonds
walking on a dream - empire of the sun
be mine - ellie goulding feat erik hassle

anything by joshua radin and snow patrol.

i'm in a mellow mood so i think it'll be chilled out music with a few upbeat songs to make my mood better. i'm thinking it's more that i'm tired and just gotten off antibiotics and gotten over being ill more than anything that's making me feel crap. should be back to normal by tomorrow. and i think the bench mark of my mood will be if i actually blog something!


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