Sunday, 14 March 2010

mother's day

well well well. i'm impressed i managed to remember my login for this. and the fact that i am about to write something.

first of all happy mother's day. i probably don't show enough appreciation to my mum but i love her so much. despite my complaints at times, i really do love her and she really is amazing.

feeling better today mentally, although i do have a headache and feel ill (what else is new?!) so i went ahead with my promise to blog after katie asking me for the url on twitter reminded me i wrote this only last night. been a peaceful day and i really should go get a lot of work done. didn't do anything much last night. tidied a bit and then got bored and gave up. i think i need some kind of self help motivational books that are always lovely and condescending.

nothing much exciting to blog, quelle surprise, but i will recommend marks&spencers 'colin the caterpillar' fizzy gummy sweets. they are delicious and perfectly acidic. they clearly own 'percy pigs'. i really don't understand the love for those sickly pink things.

my exciting to do list:
spanish coursework
english x 3
art commentary and 2 studies

probably french and maths as well but i'm not sure. might actually have to make use of my planner for once... how depressing!


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