Tuesday, 16 March 2010

some unexpected news

just when i thought this blog was depressing enough, i'm about to top that with some even better news. my dad got diagnosed with prostate cancer today.

it's not serious. it's a low grade cancer and it's not spreading but even so it's pretty scary news to find out. he has several treatment option to go into but he doesn't have to choose right away as it's not dangerous. i've already cried lots but that's typical me behaviour and my parents have bullied me about needing the counselling the hospital offers for patients and their families! i'm glad we can still have a sense of humour about this all though; it just takes the edge off this situation. i can see how brave my dad is being and that's tearing me up the most because i know he's scared and so are we. i just know that whatever happens i want to make my dad proud of me and let him know how much i love him everyday because he really is amazing and i don't think you get a better dad than this.

i'm crying again already but i've got some tissues and i know we'll all get through this together. i already called my boyfriend to cry to a bit too and i am so lucky to have him there for me whenever i need him. i feel so lucky for everyone i have in my life right now and i don't want to take anything for granted, in the least morbid way, because who knows what might happen.


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